Why PFG Customized?

PFG Customized Distribution is highly regarded among the foodservice industry, capitalizing on 80+ years of distribution experience. PFG Customized is known for its honesty and integrity. When asked of a customer… “Why do you do business with PFG?” The first of many reasons listed… “Because of their honesty and integrity.”  This is a tribute to the core values of our associates.

Streamlined Distribution Network

PFG Customized Distribution covers the continental US with a consolidated footprint that maximizes inbound freight efficiency.

Perishable Experts

We are considered the “Perishable Experts”. With systems built around meeting the stringent demands of cold chain integrity. Shelflife monitoring, temperature tracking from receipt at our distribution center, during transit via temperature tracking in the trailer, and to delivery to the restaurant, ensures products are safe for the consumer.

Centralized Purchasing

Purchasing for all distribution centers is centralized at our Support Services center. Providing single points of contact, high service levels, and data consistency and integrity.

Our Fleet

Our modern, clean equipment is EPA Smartway certified. Equipped with on board cameras and built in driver assistance technology such as Collision Avoidance and Lane Departure notification that puts our associates’ safety first. Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) assists in maintaining accurate compliance records.

Our Flexibility

We take the title “Customized” seriously. The distribution solutions for our customers are tailored to fit their needs. There is no “one size fits all” with PFG Customized.

Advanced Technology

  • PFG Connection Order Entry for restaurants
  • PFG Connection Information Management (Real time inventory levels, Purchase Orders, LTO Management, Product demand history)
  • On-Board Computers provides capability of tracking deliveries
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery ensures accuracy of each case delivered
  • Products Traceability via electonic lot/serial number capture

Our History

Kenneth O'Lester
  • Since 1930, see how we have evolved providing quality and service to our customers…
    Like many other successful businesses that are known today, PFG Customized Distribution can be traced back to very humble beginnings and the tireless efforts and ingenuity of Mr. Kenneth O. Lester, Sr. The company came into existence in 1930 when, for $286, Mr. Lester bought a small produce business in Alexandria, Tennessee, which consisted of a 3/4 ton truck and goodwill. As with many depression era businesses, the going was tough during those early years, but the perseverance paid off. Following the depression in the late 1930's, Mr. Lester moved the business from Nashville, Tennessee, where it operated for several years, to Lebanon, Tennessee.

  • In 1956, Mr. Lester's son, Kenneth O. Lester, Jr. joined his father's business as Vice President, assuming responsibilities in developing frozen foods which was a new product segment at that time. Under the leadership and hard work of this father-and-son team, the company grew steadily, and in the 1960's the decision was made to distribute to the foodservice industry instead of the retail grocery business. We have been serving the 'away from home' eating industry ever since.

  • In 1968, Kenneth O. Lester, Sr. passed away and Kenneth O. Lester, Jr became president of the company. Mr. Lester served in this role for over twenty years. In 1989, Mr. Thomas Hoffman, a management veteran in the foodservice industry, became the third president in the Lester Company’s history. Mr. Lester passed away in 1994, and Mr. Hoffman continued steadfast leadership until January, 2012. The current management team continues the commitment to customer success and to fostering a culture of honesty and integrity.

  • From a small one-man operation in 1930, the Kenneth O. Lester Company has grown into a full-line foodservice distributor with over 1,700 associates serving customized distribution customers across the United States and in more than 40 countries. A sense of pride and a will to “serve our customers” has always been the underlying theme of PFGCD. Customer service is our primary mission.

    To the customer, you are the company. Our reputation with the customer rests with each of us. Our actions and attitude on a daily basis have the power to strengthen our relationships with our customers and to continue the PFGCD tradition. In the fast-paced foodservice industry in which we operate, customer service is the key to success.